The Banana Dance Story

Learn more about the Banana!

Get Started composer create-project jbelelieu/banana_dance_lite --prefer-dist

The original Banana Dance administrative control panel.

How It Started

Banana Dance started as a combination wiki/CMS tool back in 2012. The tool gained some popularity early on, but the realities of needing to pay the bills meant that I couldn't focus on it as much as I wanted to. The program never really left beta and as a result the project fizzled out.

The original Banana Dance is still available here, although it isn't maintained or supported.

Introducing Banana Dance Lite

Fast forward to June 2015, when I started building an API for a company I'm currently employed at. I needed a quick and easy way to create documentation for the API, but I didn't want to deal with hours of set up and steep learning curves. I searched everywhere but couldn't find a suitable solution that had everything I wanted. So I spent a couple nights putting together the basic program, and next thing you know, Banana Dance Lite was born!

The program's philosophy is very simple: You have enough headaches developing your application, documenting it shouldn't add to those headaches. I designed Banana Dance to have very limited requirements, be extremely easy to install, and even easier to use: just run the composer command, start creating markdown files in the "wiki" folder, and you're dancing!

A Lot Has Changed, One Thing Hasn't

While it's true that the philosophy of the program has changed drastically since its original inception, one thing has remained consistent throughout it all: this operation is still run by a dancing banana.