So you have questions do you?

Get Started composer create-project jbelelieu/banana_dance_lite --prefer-dist

Who should use Banana Dance Lite?

  • Anyone who needs to create beautiful documentation.
  • Anyone who doesn't want to deal with extensive setup and configuration before writing their documentation.
  • Anyone who enjoys using version controls to track changes to their documentation.

Who should NOT use Banana Dance Lite?

  • Anyone that needs the bells and whistles of users, permissions, or fancy online editors.
  • Anyone building a massive wiki with millions of pages and categories (think Wikipedia).

Have you benchmarked this thing?

Yes, I'll post results soon. Until then, this will get the award for the most pointless Q/A ever.

Do you have an example of a site using this thing?

Here's looking at you, kid.

What's with the name?

Long story, but it's related to the "We No Speak Americano" song:

Who created Banana Dance?

I did! My name is Jon Belelieu. I'm the owner of Ascad Networks, as well as an avid hockey, tennis, travel and craft beer fan. I love hearing from people using the program, so feel free to get in touch on Twitter (@jbelelieu)!

What show should I fall asleep to at night?

Weird question, but the correct answer is "Through the Wormhole". Morgan Freeman's smooth godly voice will put you to sleep while expanding your mind. Great show.

What's with the last two questions?

If more than zero people ask me the same question, I consider it "frequently asked".

That's a wrap. Now go pour yourself a St. Bernardus Witbier, you've earned it for reading this nonsense.