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The program allows for full localization.

Setting the Default Language

You can set the default language of your wiki by editing the config file. Use any of the two letter language codes found below. Note that the program will always default back to this language if a custom variable, custom replacement, page, or theme is not found in a requested "secondary" language.

Adding Languages

To create new languages, create a directory in the "wiki" folder with the new language's two letter language code. For example, if you wanted to make a french version of your documentation, create a folder named "wiki/fr".

Optionally, you can also create an fr folder within the "app/views/your_theme_name" folder. If you choose to do this, you will need to create a one-to-one file structure compared to the default en folder.


The program will automatically create a list of available languages and display them as flags on your wiki. The images for these flags can be found at "app/views/theme/assets/img/fr.png".

Language Codes

All language codes use two-letter country codes. Here are some common examples:

Code Language
en English
de German
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
jp Japanese
kr Korean
ru Russian

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