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While the program doesn't require that you edit the configuration file, you can do so if you wish by editing the "app/config.php" file.

How to Edit Config

Presume you wanted to edit the wiki's name to "Jon's API Docs", you would just change this line:

define('BD_NAME', 'Documentation');


define('BD_NAME', 'Jon\'s API Docs');

Notice the backslash before the apostrophy.

Other Config Options

Option Description
BD_BRANDING_COLOR Customize your topbar background/link colors to match your company's branding.
BD_THEME Name of the theme you are using. It needs to match the name of the theme folder in the "app/views" folder.
BD_BASE_URL The program will attempt to automatically determine this, but if it's having problems, input the full URL to the wiki here.
BD_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE Two letter country code for your desired default language.
BD_DEBUG Set to true to display PHP errors.
BD_DATE_FORMAT Your desired format for date stamps. Uses PHP's standard date function formatting.

Last modified 3 years ago.