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Custom Replacements

Custom replacements allow you to automatically replacement strings within a page with a different string. They are similar to custom variables except that:

  • They don't need to be explicitly added to a page or view to be displayed
  • They only work on pages (will not be parsed at the view level)

Creating Custom Replacements

  • Open the "wiki/config/custom_replacements.php" file.
  • Within the array, create a new entry whereby the key is the string that will be matched on the page, and the value is what it will be replaced with.
  • As with many other features in the program, everything is language based, so when creating replacements, place them with the correct language array.


Assume I wanted to automatically parse a page for my name and replace it with a link to my Twitter page. I could add the following to the custom_replacements.php file:

    'en' => array(
        'jbelelieu' => '<a href="" target="_blank">@jbelelieu</a>',

Now whenever I place the string "jbelelieu" on a page:

# My Sample Page

Hello, I created Banana Dance Lite and my name is jbelelieu.

The program will automatically replace "jbelelieu" with the link to my Twitter:

<h1>My Sample Page</h1>

<p>Hello, I created Banana Dance Lite and my name is <a href="" target="_blank">@jbelelieu</a>.</p>

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