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Get Started composer create-project jbelelieu/banana_dance_lite --prefer-dist

July 4th, 2015

Introduction Banana Dance Lite

After a 2+ year hiatus, I am extremely happy to introduce the brand new vision for Banana Dance. As of today, Banana Dance is dancing to a much simpler tune. Say hello to "Banana Dance Lite".

Rapid Deployment Wiki

The new philosophy of Banana Dance is one of simplicity. The point is to get you up and running in seconds, with zero additional setup or configuration required before you can start writing documentation. In order to accomplish this goal, all you need to do is run the composer "create-project" command. Once installed via composer, you are done.

No setup, no configuration, no database, and the only requirement is PHP 5.3+.

Goodbye Wiki?

So it's true that Banana Dance Lite is far less a wiki, and far more an engine for developing focussed documentation. By definition, a wiki is a "website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users." While Banana Dance does allow this, it does not allow it in the "wikipedia" sense of the word.

The Banana Dance style "wiki" is one built around teams, specifically teams of developers. Since Banana Dance Lite uses a flat-file structure for creating pages/categories, this allows your team the flexibility of using version control tools like GIT to collaborate on documentation. This in turn means that, as far as Banana Dance Lite is concerned, there are no users or user permissions, and no central online editing screen.

Get Started

I truly hope you enjoy the new vision for Banana Dance. To get started, I recommend reading the documentation!