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Requires nothing more than PHP 5.3. Get started in seconds.

Get Started composer create-project jbelelieu/banana_dance_lite --prefer-dist

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Introducing Banana Dance Lite
July 4th, 2015

Rapid Deployment

Zero-setup or configuration required; Literally get up and running in seconds!

No Database

For real: the program is completely database-free! Just create a new file to add pages.

Markdown Extra

Write your documents in full markdown extra, or even in HTML if you want!


Automated navigation building, both for the whole wiki and internally in-page.


How great would it be to have your docs in different languages, n'est-ce pas?


Looks great out-of-the-box, but for you creative types, easily white-label everything!

Mobile Friendly

Don't forget about those mobile and tablet users, apparently there are a lot of them.


Easily allow users to search your docs, with keyword highlighting.

Get Up and Running in 30 Seconds!